How to Add Value and Sell Your Home Faster

There are many things to think about when you’re selling a house, but one of the most important tasks for homeowners is making their home stand out. When you’re in one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, it can be daunting to know how to make your property stand out. Go to and learn more.

We’ve put together our top tips on adding value and selling your home faster. And while it’s not easy, there’s something that everyone selling a home should do: spotlight these five things.

1) Curb Appeal

Ensure that driveways and walkways are clear of snow and ice, landscaping is neatly trimmed, and bushes are cut back. A tidy exterior will help make potential buyers feel confident about what they could have once they move in.

2) Kitchen and Bathroom Grading

Give your appliances and countertops a clean, and ensure that the cabinets and floors are spotless. Similarly, clean your bathroom tiles and install new fixtures. The kitchen is one of the essential rooms in your home — buyers want to see it looking its best.

–Remove unnecessary furniture from the kitchen or bathroom – opening up space is better for showing off your home’s features.

3) Add Colour!

Paint the walls with neutral colours that complement each other, such as white trim with grey walls. This will make a more suitable and comfortable environment precisely what buyers want. And remember: keep it simple!

Sell Your House Faster 

4) Keep it Clean

It doesn’t matter if the house is the last on your street — a house could languish in one neighborhood and sell quickly in another. Being clean is an essential aspect of selling your home, as leaving things like dirty footprints behind will ruin the Appeal of your home.

5) Vacuuming and Waxing

Spend time getting rid of more minor, more superficial issues, as these can impact the overall price. Having a clean, fresh smell is essential when selling your home.

–Use soap and water to wipe down baseboards, floor tiles, and window seals. This will remove the grime that can cover these areas and give your home that fresh smell you want to show prospective buyers.

–Waxing furniture is another important aspect of making your home appealing to potential buyers. It adds a polished touch and shows that you take pride in the items in your home and want them to hold their value for years to come.

And there you have it! These five tips on adding value and selling your home faster are sure to impact the amount of money you get for your property.